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  • Hey guys, just cause EDC and Coachella are done with! Doesn’t mean you can start slacking off on your body. Lets continue to eat clean and exercise on the regular! Here are some ways to keep that motivation going.

    1. Stay Clean
    What we mean by this is to keep that hygiene up! Staying clean and well groomed is utmost importance. This will not only keep your morale and confidence up, but it shows in the way others look at you. Guys, I usually get my haircut every two weeks to keep it tight.  

    2. Don’t Skip Your Workouts
    Don’t be a schmuck, “oh if I just skip this one day I’ll be fine.” or the “I’m too tired to go to the gym” If you skip that one day, you’re training you brain to think it’s okay to skip every now and then. Skipping becomes a bad habit and you’ll just keep doing it more often. If you’re too tired to go the gym, you have to psyche yourself out. I always tell myself, that’ll I’ll do light weights, or I’ll just go and warm up. Once I start going, it just keeps going! Maybe even start off with a quick 5 minute sprint. Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was run around?

    3. Keep Your Nutrition Plan
    Eating healthy and clean may be hard for some people. Best way? Make your nutrition ridiculously simple and easy to follow. I personally can not for the life of me eat the same bland food everyday. The more complex something is doesn’t mean it’s always better for you. My basic nutrition goes a little something like this. Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs, Lunch: 8oz grilled free range chicken with veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, yellow carrots) Dinner: Wild caught salmon, quinoa, veggies.
    Time or money a problem? Frozen is fine. Look for IQF or ‘flash frozen’

    4. One Day At A Time
    Don’t forget to slow down. Take everything in one day at a time. Don’t bunch all your goals, errands, work, all into one day. Have realistic goals for your schedule. Plan each day first. Once that becomes a habit, then start planning each week. Months, Years, to get to your end goal. As long as you take one step forward towards your goals that day, you should feel proud. Even if you just need to chill out and rest all day, just so you could go hard tomorrow. That’s still a step forward.

    5. Stay Positive
    As always, keep that positive mind set and the end goal in mind. Don’t beat yourself up if you really can’t go workout, or didn’t eat well. Keep a healthy and happy mind set and you’ll be fine.

    As always, 

    Be well, do well, eat well; and everything in moderation. 

    Ya’ll smell that? July 4th is just around the corner and it’s already starting to feel like summer! So lets fire up those grills and lets get down to some serious B B Q ing.

    Whether you’re into Keto, Paleo, or just making better food choices, we’re here for ya.

    Lets start off with meat, I mean we’re at a barbecue after all.
    Steaks and Ground beef for them burgers! Now, I understand that if you’re the one throwing the BBQ, it could get a little bit pricey trying to do grass fed meats for everybody. So maybe you can just save the grass fed for the people you really like =/
    Free Range Chicken if you can, chicken legs and thighs will be easy on your pocket as well
    Hot dogs… boy. Lets not pick up those mystery “meat” hot dogs alright? As a matter of fact. Lets just pretend they never existed like one of your terrible exs.
    Lets try for uncured grass fed beef, turkey, chicken, sausages, or brats shall we? No I did not mention tofu, you’re at a barbecue, Man up. Remember healthy toppings!

    And if the heat hasn’t gotten to you, anything on a stick just makes it taste 10 times better. This is a scientific fact/ So opt for some grass fed steak tips on a stick or grass fed any other meat you’d like to skewer. A great way to portion control, cleanup, and keeps your wallet a little heavier.

    Speaking of sticks. Skewer some of those dang veggies to make it a fun and easy way to get some greens in ya. How about corn on the cob?
    You can stick anything on a stick: Chicken, shrimp, tomatoes, pineapples, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, endless possibilities. Just roam the produce aisle and check out whats on sale.

    Remember just because its “Organic” doesn’t mean it’s healthier. Ask us what you should buy organic and what you shouldn’t.

    How about some easy to make appetizers? Deviled Eggs, don’t trust mayo or scared of the word mayonnaise?? Try avocado make your own mayonnaise, it’s easy to make your own. You can even call it “insert trendy flavor” aioli, Yes. Mayonnaise and Aioli are the exact same thing. You learn something new everyday.
    Bake up some kale chips for your guests, fruit salads are always great, sweet potato chips, veggie sticks with peanut butter to dip, hummus, yogurt dips, guacamole, trail mix.

    I guess we’ll talk about greens again; salads: potato salads, pasta salads, macaroni salad, whatever “salad”


    If you really want a potato salad, try making it with sweet potatoes and with that homemade mayonnaise you made earlier!

    Bring on a real salad, also, remember those bell peppers you skewered earlier? Good job you saved some and decided to hollow those out so you could fill them up with some real salads, Saves you on cleaning plates, cause these are a great edible alternative serving dish

    We’ll hand over some salad recipes within the following weeks!

    Now we’re onto my favorite! Bacon. 

    HEY GUYS RELAX! Bacon isn’t that bad for you, put those pitchforks back. Why not try wrapping up some “boring dull healthy choices” in bacon, and you’ll be converting everyone over the porkier side of things.
    Try some of these combinations with bacon: Asparagus, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Shrimp, Scallops, Brussels Sprouts with cheese, Apple and brie or go straight with apple butter and brie.


    Here’s a sneaky trick. Head down to your local Costco and pick up that $5 rotisserie chicken

    But most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the company of your friends and family and live a little.

    And as always,

    Be well, do well, eat well; and everything in moderation. 

    Here’s to clearing up confusion on what exactly gluten is.

    Gluten is basically a protein that occurs naturally in certain grains. It’s really spongy and is usually used as a thickener or a binder, which is why your bread is the way it is. If you’re avoiding gluten, remember the acronym

    barley, rye, oats, wheat, spelt

    Happy Monday ya’ll!

    and congrats to one of our very own on graduating

    Do you ever notice that you eat the same thing day in and day out, without really paying attention to how or why you are eating? Have you ever felt overstuffed, or finished a large popcorn at the theatre just because it was there?

    These are questions that I explore with my clients in my practice.

    Registered dietitians often give advice about healthy foods and portion sizes; however, we also help people improve the way they think – or don’t think – about food.

    Mindless eating occurs when you consume food without really focusing on the act of eating. It is often eating in the absence of actual hunger, at a rapid rate and even past the point of fullness. On the other hand, mindful eating is paying attention to an eating experience with all your senses. It is witnessing, without judgment, the emotional and physical responses that take place throughout the eating experience.

    With busy schedules and chaotic lives, mindless eating is certainly not uncommon. Here are some tips that I share with my clients to help them end mindless munchies:

    1. Shift out of autopilot eating and start tracking. Try tracking what you eat and drink in a non-judgmental way. Keep a journal using a tool that suits you (write down your intake on paper, use an online tracker or app, or even take pictures of your foods). If possible, note any thoughts or feelings associated with eating. Tracking can help you bring awareness to your munchies and note triggers for mindless eating, both of which are helpful for making positive changes to your diet.

    2. Make the healthy choice the easy choice. You are more likely to consume vegetables and fruits if they are in your home and easy to eat. Same goes for chips and chocolate – if they are there, you are more likely to eat them. Remember that mindful eating is not about categorizing foods into what’s “good” and what’s “bad,” but it is about choosing foods that are pleasing and nourishing. Make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.

    3. Buy smaller plates (and smaller cutlery). Use smaller plates and your meal sizes will shrink. Choose smaller forks and you will shovel in less at a time. Brian Wansink, the Cornell University researcher and author of the book Mindless Eating, has shown time and time again that size matters. Our plates, cutlery, wine glasses and even popcorn bowls determine how much we eat.

    4. Eat when you are eating. Don’t drive when you are eating, work when you are eating, watch TV when you are eating or stand at the fridge when you are eating. Simply sit and eat. Meal time is not the time for multitasking. Distracted eating often leads to overeating.

    5. Take 5 (breaths, that is)! Deep breathing instantly calms the body and brings you into the present moment. Take five deep breaths before each meal to prepare your body and your mind for what’s to come.

    6. Commit to slowing down. Do you truly taste your food? Have you mastered the five-minute meal? Not only does it take time for your body to tell your brain you are full, but it is hard to pay attention to the eating experience when you are in scarf-mode. Aim to take 20 to 30 minutes to eat a meal. Try eating with your non-dominant hand, using chopsticks or put your fork down between bites.

    7. Savour each bite. Tune into your senses! See the colours on your plate, smell the aromas, listen to what you hear as you eat, taste the flavours and note the changes in texture as you chew. Engaging each of your senses can make your eating experience magical – not to mention, you may be satisfied with less.

    8. Mindfully check in. Before, midway and after your meal, take a moment to rate your hunger on a scale of 1 (ravenous) to 10 (overly stuffed). Aim to stop eating at around 6 or 7 – you are satisfied, not full. Also check in to any thoughts or feelings that arise as you eat. Observe without judgment.

    9. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Acknowledge the time and effort put into preparing your meal. Give thanks for the ingredients and the process that transforms them into an enjoyable dish.

    Adapted from The Globe and Mail.


    Fudgy Cacao porridge topped with gooey figs, banana coins, goji berries and tahini 😍 #meals Today I’m thankful for tahini. No further explanation needed 🙏 #mayhappyproject

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    One of our very own is going to Peru to educate the less fortunate kids on nutrition and life once again. Here’s a message from her that explains things way better!

    I’m making it a thing to always demonstrate my passion for nutrition and gratitude for all the blessings I have received in this amazing life, through actions by giving back to this beautiful world FOREVER. Words cannot begin to express the excitement I feel to be part of a team of people who are willing to put their lives on hold to help others. We’ll be volunteering in Huancayo, Peru to develop a community health program by teaching women and children about nutrition and dental hygiene to sustain their health through preventative care. I am fundraising to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity, so pleaaaaassse share this with anyone who you think would like to support our cause (there’s no service fee this time ). Click on the link in my profile or visit - any amount makes a difference! & THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. 

    Happy National Soyfoods Month!

    Here are some Soy Myths:

    1. Soy contains estrogen and causes feminization in men.
    2. Soy causes cancer, phytoestrogrens inhibit thyroid function.
    3. All soy products are made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
    4. Soy-based infant formula can disrupt growth and reproductive development.

    Have you had your soy today?

    Saturated fats are not always bad. Some forms of saturated fats for example, the kind in coconut, are very healthy. While you don’t want to overdo it, you don’t have to avoid them like the plague either.

    It’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, National Nutrition Month & 95 days until my next nutrition abroad adventure, Project Huancayo in Peru. I’m raising 💸 to provide health promotion and education in hopes of reducing the number of children who suffer from illnesses preventable by basic hygiene and healthy living practices. 100% of your donation goes to the cause! Thank you immensely for making this happen. Visit or the link in my profile. I’ll bring back a #lomosaltado ❤️👬👫👭🌎 #fimrc #projectlimon #nicaragua #waybackwhenwednesday #itaughtthemhowtotakeselfies #selfiequeen #selfiemaster #humanitarian #global #health #nutrition #peru

    "A doughnut (240 calories) will give you a quick burst, but within a short amount of time, you’ll be reaching for something else to satisfy your hunger.  At 65 grams of weight per serving, there’s nothing there but the calories (known as “empty calories”), meaning you could easily house two or three of those jelly-filleds without a second thought and you’ll still be hungry.

    On the other hand, an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter offers about 140 calories but with the added bonus of 6 grams of dietary fiber, 4 grams of protein, monounsaturated fats with cardiovascular benefits.”

    Jeff Dobro, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, RedBrick Health